Engineering & GIS

Geographic Information System helps every one directly or indirectly in daily life. GIS Integration with IT solutions helps to increase the efficiency in Utilities, Logistics and Government industries. VNuIT has vast experience in developing and integrating GIS applications to provide customers right direction and efficient solutions.

We utilize our engagement model to help you accelerate your time to develop and deploy GIS applications that can:
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Provide information at finger tips
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Improve decision-making and communication
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Add value to your business needs

Engineering with the IT framework for maintaining and deploying critical data and applications across every aspect of the infrastructure life cycle including:
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Planning and site location
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Environmental analysis
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Infrastructure design
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Construction management
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Data collection and as-built surveying
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Operations and maintenance

VNuIT provides GIS solutions that organize and centralize data, map locations and provide critical and complex information, including both spatial and non-spatial to our customers. Our expertise in GIS includes:
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Land use planning
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Utility (Gas, Electric and Water) Networking
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Emergency Management System
[icon type=”arrow-circle-right”] Location based Services

VNuIT has experience in the leading GIS products for developing GIS solutions for a wide range of deployments from desktop, web and wireless devices in enterprise environments. We are experienced in Esri ArcGIS suite, AutoCAD products, Open source GIS products, Google and Bing mashups.

Engineering & GIS